The scoop on two customer case studies


We’re often asked to provide customer case studies, so we picked a couple of contrasting examples to showcase.

After sizing up the competition, The Finish Line (London) opted to deploy an indiestor rack solution.

Over 4U’s of rack space we provide a high-speed shared storage for two online booths, plus a host of back office machines. Everything is pulled together using a Netgear XS switch, which comfortably hauls 4k playback over 10G.

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Why go with indiestor over the big players… Primarily I’d say simplicity and a complete lack of bullsh*t. The server software is incredibly lightweight… Setting up workspaces and handling permissions and users is crazily simple!

Zeb Chadfield, The Finish Line

When Media Mobil GMBH (Germany) approached us, they had a unique set of requirements. As one of Germany’s leading OB operators they needed a solution that was three things that don’t necessarily go hand in hand: fast, compact & quiet!

The solution was a custom-specified slim-line rack, backed by a SSD based storage pool. Not only is the system whisper quiet, it’s rugged enough to cover tens of thousands of miles in the back of a truck.

The indiestor storage platform gives us amazing flexibility in a cost effective package. It is quickly available and adaptable, with great stability. The indiestor team provide excellent personal support. We couldn’t be happier with them.

Marcus Mathy, Media Mobil