A web-based storage manager for Debian Linux.

Packaged for Debian Linux


Indie is designed for folks that prefer to use enterprise-grade storage hardware. It installs on Debian Linux and provides non-technical users with the ability to manage users and workspaces without extensive training.

Product Highlights:

  • User friendly web interface
  • Quickly manage users and workspaces
  • DaVinci Resolve database support (inc. key generation)
  • Dynamic workspace quotas
  • Automatic SMB and AFP exports
  • Deep filesystem integration for XFS (V5) and ZFS
  • Suitable for deployment up to 500TB
  • Command Line for remote management over SSH
  • Packaged for Debian Linux (Bullseye or newer)

What about hardware?

In theory any hardware can be used. We recommend Supermicro and HPE rack systems for reliable results.

How does support work?

Email based support is available on a yearly tariff. Contact us for pricing information.