Our rack server provides a cost-effective shared storage solution that doesn’t compromise on features or reliability.

With performance scaling to 2GB/s per-chassis, you’ll have plenty of bandwidth to accommodate multiple users working in 4K, and beyond.

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Product Highlights:

  • Intuitive web management interface
  • Dynamic workspace quotas
  • Support for AVID style bin-locking, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve & Adobe Premiere
  • Windows, Mac & Linux Friendly
  • Best in class multi-stream performance
  • RAID6 performance up to 2GB/s per chassis
  • Dual 10-Gigabit Networking (BaseT)
  • Powered by rock-solid Debian Linux
  • Quiet, compact & energy efficient (2U x 650mm)
  • 1 Year system support included
  • 3 Year hardware warranty

All the small things
Every rack includes remote engineer config (on site available), PDF product manuals, quick-release rail kit and rack fascia. We maintain a list of 10G capable switches and UPS’s that are tested and can be supplied direct, or by the customer.

Actually fast, no porkies!
You may be surprised that storage companies are economical with the truth when it comes to benchmarks. If you have questions about performance, fire us an email to talk to an engineer.

Choose from six configurations, ranging from 20-to-120TB usable. In most cases we can deliver to Europe within 10-days.

  • RACK20 (20TB Usable, up to 1.6GB/s)
  • RACK30 (30TB Usable, up to 1.6GB/s)
  • RACK40 (40TB Usable, up to 1.6GB/s)
  • RACK60 (60TB Usable, up to 1.6GB/s)
  • RACK80PRO (80TB Usable, up to 2GB/s)
  • RACK100PRO (100TB Usable, up to 2GB/s)
  • RACK120PRO (100TB Usable, up to 2GB/s)

What about support?
Unlike an off-the-shelf solution, we’re able to provide expert-level support to M&E customers. In fact, each system includes 1 year of support completely free-of-charge, with renewals available at an affordable rate.

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