MIMIQ is a cost-effective task-bar application that provides “AVID style” bin-locking with third-party Network Attached Storage.

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MIMIQ is tested by indiestor with the following releases.

  • Windows 7 & 10 (MIMIQ
  • OS X Mavericks to macOS High Sierra (MIMIQ
  • AVID Media Composer 7.0 through to 2018.3

Do I need a special server?
Nope, MIMIQ sits on the client side. It appears as a simple service on your Windows/Mac taskbar.

Tested Storage Appliances
MIMIQ can be used with the following storage appliances.

How does licensing work?
MIMIQ uses MAC address based activation. Each activation can be associated with either a fixed or removable ethernet device.

How does support work?
1 year of basic email support is bundled with this product.

1x copy of MIMIQ required per-seat